What Are You Worshipping?

Worshipping other things apart from God is like being in a bondage, being veiled from knowing the truth.

God is the only one worthy of all worship, not any man, not non-living creatures, not even angels.

The disciples in Acts 14:15, after performing a miracle of healing a man who was crippled from birth, were thought to be gods by the people of the land. And since the people were used to worshipping small gods, they decided to turn them to small gods they would worship. Instead of worshiping the God that allowed and performed the miracle through Paul and Barnabas
The people were so blindfolded to understand the basic truth in Matthew 4:10b.

Matthew  4:10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

But thank God for His Spirit in Paul and Barnabas, they were quick to realize and correct them, thereby turning the people’s heart to Jesus Christ and why Him alone should be worshipped, they didn’t decide to take glory to themselves.

They could have decided to take glory to themselves at that instance, since there was nobody to question their authority. They could have turned to God that the people will worship to satisfy their fleshy selfish desires but they understood the basic truth about the worth of worshipping God and didn’t see themselves equal to God.

We nowadays worship a lot of things that are not pleasing to God. To mention a few:

1. Human beings like us

No man is superior to the other in the sight of God. We must see God as our head and worship Him alone. No matter the level of a man’s influence , wealth or status in a society, we shouldn’t turn them into gods that we worship

2. Material belongings

The way some people care for their material possessions show they have turned it to a god. Nothing in this world is forever, only God is. Why not worship God alone in the stead of material things that would fade away.

Anything you take in high esteem more than God has become a god. God alone deserves our worship!

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