The Reckless Love of God and Our Extension to Others

This season and beyond, cling to Love itself. Don’t just love because of the season, be examples of Christ by loving in and out of season. His love is unconditional, show love to others too. Not just your friends and your family members. Go out and show love to a stranger, show love continuously, not just in February of each year and not just every 14/02. … More The Reckless Love of God and Our Extension to Others


Master, Can I Come?

Only the help of Jesus Christ can assure you a safe trip in your life, career, academics, marriage, e.t.c. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Jesus is always patiently waiting for you. … More Master, Can I Come?

Faith is Key!

Don’t hype problems, don’t hype challenges, don’t hype the barriers that may get in your way. It’s not that bad, faith is the key you need to unlock that sea of possibilities. No dream is too big for you, no goal is too complex for you, just operate in faith and be stretched. … More Faith is Key!