Story Time: an Outstanding Kind of Love

It was time for me to go write my name in the book of life (LOL), not God book of life but the one for NYSC.
I had already planned how I wanted it to go, get to work first, meet with my friends and then we move and in an hour time, we are done!

I got there and I was shocked by the kind of crowd I saw, then it became a struggle. Everyone rushing and pushing just to write their names. I finally got in and just when I thought the struggle was over, we were told to go back outside and get numbers. The man in charge said he was going to attend to just 50 persons. Fortunately and unfortunately I got the number 50 but then ended up not making use of the numbers and it became another struggle.

I was almost giving up when a woman came and said she would let 5 persons in at once, I was confident I was going to be among but she ended up just letting 2 in.

Then I remembered something. Every believer has faith, I am a believer and I have faith, all I needed to do was to exercise it. Then I said a little prayer, Lord let me be among the next set to go in, Amen.
Guys, it wasn’t up to 5 minutes, I wouldn’t have gone through all that stress if I had exercised it long ago. It wasn’t even in the way I imagined.

The man that chased us out earlier came and said if your state code is 4000 and above, come in, you have a different book and that was it.

It might not look like a big deal to you but it reminded me of how much God loves us. His plans for us are good and perfect but most times we aren’t patient enough for His plans and then we end up doing things in our way (just like me; I had a plan set out already and it didn’t still work out). Other times, He Is just waiting for us to have that conversation with him, to talk to Him just like a child to a father, waiting for us to pour our heart to Him. He is waiting for us to exercise that faith we have inside.

It doesn’t have to be the really big things but God listens.

Where have you experienced this outstanding kind of love that left you in awe of God?


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