Resilience; a Step to Building Success

“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it”.

Maya Angelou

More often than not, most humans have the strong desire for the goodness in life. Everyone wants to be at the top, the leader, the successful one and all. Hence, in the quest for success as the end goal, there seems to be a necessity laid upon each person by life – capacity building.

Each bird would like to glide the high altitudes of the sky but not all have the kind of wings to sustain the wind there. The eagle has such, not just by default, but by intentional capacity building. The eagle would not wander where other birds do, it climbs higher.

The eagle would not get food as the other birds do but hunts its preys down. Given to a rigorous pattern of life, the eagle doesn’t fear the space of winds, it has been patterned to live above it. The capability to do these things is based on, more than the inherent ability, consistent systems of building strength and capacity.

Every truly successful individual have one thing in common- the resilience of heart. This is the ability to not back down on determinations and aspirations in the face of fear and failure.

Have you seen a toddler who is learning to get on their feet? Have you seen how they start the walking process? It starts from a gallop, most likely followed by a fall. But, even though they are young and inexperienced, it is naturally inherent to want to try once more. And then another time, and another, until the art of walking is perfected.

Note that, the process doesn’t just work because it is natural for man to walk on two legs, it works because the toddler wants to ‘do’ it too. The toddler wants to walk, run, jump and play around on two legs. Hence, the need to master the art of walking on two legs no matter how many falls happen.

The capacity for resilience is natural in each person, but building it for the purpose of thriving in hard times is what differs. Resilience is built with passion. The desire to get results. The hunger and thirst for success. All these fuels the drive of a man for success.

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Three key ways to build resilience greatly in us is by:

  • Knowledge
  • Following examples
  • Self evaluation

The art of resilience cannot be mastered without knowledge. Knowledge that the possibility of failure cannot be erased, but bouncing back in and on time is what builds resilience in us.

The present day world has been designed in such a way that we have a billion and one people to learn from, they’ve all come before us. Countless people have tried what you want to, many failed and many more succeeded. Get from both parties, conjured knowledge for your journey. By so doing, you know what to expect and how to prepare.

To use the self evaluation method, you can ask yourself these sincere questions:

Do you want that success? If yes, have you tried getting it? How? Did you succeed? If no, How else can you get at it? Is there anything you’re doing wrong? Is there anything you can improve? When is the next try? What are the possible outcomes? What then is the expected outcome? Have you prepared enough?

Dear friend, if you’ll get the success you desire, now is the time to build the capacity for the task that comes with it. Build you, more and more. I will be rooting for you. Let nothing reduce the desire you have for the goal of success you have your eyes on. According to Maya’s words that we opened with, let it change you – only to a stronger person.


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