Five Lessons 2018 Taught Me

The ride’s been great and fun! 2018 was my legal year, Lol, so I embarked on another verge. I can’t trade the lessons and memories I’ve made here for anything in the world.

There are lessons we need to learn outside the classroom. The lessons life teaches and hey, what life teaches you is what remains with you throughout your life. … More Five Lessons 2018 Taught Me

Your time, Your life

Life is full of mysteries, humans are living with chunks of questions they can’t find answers to, puzzles that don’t seem solvable, and even a life that doesn’t look livable. Yet in a world of struggle and unending curiosity, you can thrive, you can cope, you can succeed, you can shine, you can be okay. Yes! If you realize and accept the fact that “your time is your life” … More Your time, Your life

Trust the Process

In life, there’ll be challenges, there’ll be ups and downs. At a point, things could stop working out, life is not a bed of roses and that’s okay. But then, don’t be weighed down because you really don’t have to. You have to operate in the reality that “Those issues you have are processes”. Processes that are grooming you for the way forward. Processes that are shaping your life into what you’ve always wanted it to be. … More Trust the Process

4 Kinds of Friends you Should Avoid as a Teenager

It is a great thing to mingle with friends but greater to understand the fact that “Not all friends are to be mingled with”. It is a great thing to have tons of friends but it is a much greater thing to realize that “not all friends are really friends”. You don’t make friends to whirl time away or kill boredom. You make friends because you know what you want and what you’re worth. … More 4 Kinds of Friends you Should Avoid as a Teenager

What Do You Say?

what do you say? What do you say when people say you can’t do well? What do you say when situations don’t turn in your favour? What do you say when they say you’re a failure? What do you say when they tell you your dreams are too big and unrealistic? What do you say when you fail exams? What do you say when you’re being compelled to give up? … More What Do You Say?

Involve God in All You Do

There’s only so much you can do all by yourself. More than often, you can’t get most things done by your natural abilities. You’ve got to have the backing of a superior person to achieve superior things. This is why you need to involve God.

What plans do you’ve for your life? What are your aspirations? What do you aim to do? Ensure you involve God in every bit of it because whatever God is involved in doesn’t fail … More Involve God in All You Do

How to Hit Your Goals as a Teenager

It is good to have dreams, but if you’re too overwhelmed by the brilliance of your dreams, you will keep fantasizing till your life comes to an end. We don’t actually care so much about your dreams, we care more about the realization of those dreams. No prize comes without a price. No beauty without ashes. Nothing good in life comes to anyone on a silver platter. The beginning may not be fine, you need to push. … More How to Hit Your Goals as a Teenager