How to Hit Your Goals as a Teenager

It is good to have dreams, but if you’re too overwhelmed by the brilliance of your dreams, you will keep fantasizing till your life comes to an end. We don’t actually care so much about your dreams, we care more about the realization of those dreams. No prize comes without a price. No beauty without ashes. Nothing good in life comes to anyone on a silver platter. The beginning may not be fine, you need to push. … More How to Hit Your Goals as a Teenager


Let’s Discuss Humility

It takes humility to see that people are people and that no matter the level of success you’ve attained or the achievements you have made, you should never haughtily place yourself over others. Don’t feel too special, don’t show off, don’t allow success get in your head, be humble. … More Let’s Discuss Humility

The Confident You: Taking Charge of Your Life

Confidence is believing you can do it, it is a deep conviction that stems from within, it is a resolute assurance about self!
Your life will fly by, your life will soar, it will travel, it will sojourn through places. And while it does all that, who/what is the Pilot of the plane? Who/what drives the car of your life? Who leads the journey?

If it’s not you, it’s high time a swap took place. The “Confident You” don’t have to please everyone. You are Living for one person, and that person is you.  … More The Confident You: Taking Charge of Your Life

Can We Talk More Deeply About Love and Lust?

Isn’t it extremely cheap to make ephemeral promises, when lust is ruling you? Isn’t it so sweet to make yourself believe promises that your guts tell you are not true?

With every reason in the world to leave, Love cannot imagine life without you. Love will give you its eyes, the entirety of its being, and will gladly make the riskiest sacrifice in the world for you. … More Can We Talk More Deeply About Love and Lust?

The Two Chief Sources of Depression

The damage depression is causing in the lives of people is regrettably untellable. You see happy people suddenly turn sadists as a result of the exerting force of depression on them.

That some are smiling doesn’t mean they are not depressed, Many people have just chosen to hide a million pains behind the faintest smile. Especially now that social media has become an abode for all to guise their demons in angelic garments. … More The Two Chief Sources of Depression