Do I have Self Esteem Issues?

Refuse to settle. You are more than this. You deserve to live, you deserve to enjoy life. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be seen. Embark on a self-discovery journey that would lead you to the knowledge of who you truly are and what you are truly capable of doing. … More Do I have Self Esteem Issues?


Being Accountable in Life

Being accountable in the simplest of terms is being responsible for your actions, decisions and behavior. It’s the process of constantly keeping yourself in check with regards to your goals and commitments. It is telling yourself to be responsible even when absolutely no one is watching. Accountability is all about taking ownership of your successes and failures and getting rid of excuses. … More Being Accountable in Life

10 Daily Rituals Teenagers Need to Perform If They Want to “Blow”

In a world filled with hate, anger, procrastination and busyness, having daily rituals that instill peace, joy, happiness and growth in you is key to success. Better still, they put you on a path of Celebrity status. Here are ten tested rituals that guarantee starting your day well, ending your day with little or no regrets and living your life well, beginning as a teenager. … More 10 Daily Rituals Teenagers Need to Perform If They Want to “Blow”

Beauty of Love

There’s really nothing like it, something that can make you feel so strong but also so vulnerable. You can feel on top of the world or you can feel like someone is literally ripping your heart out; there’s nothing as powerful. It can help you achieve greatness and it can also cause you to lose everything.
That’s what love does, it is something that fills you up. … More Beauty of Love