5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss #TMW2017 and Details About the Event

We’ve been announcing #TMW2017 for sometime now, and it’s finally happening this month! Here are some vital reasons why you just shouldn’t miss it, and more details on the locations.


  1. TMW simply means Teens Meet to Worship, and is for every teenager who enjoys worshipping God, or desires to have a taste of pure worship!

  2. The theme is Worship as a Lifestyle. Do you know what it means to live a life of worship? Come and learn how to make worship a part of you.

TMW 2017

  1. There will be sound teachings on the true meaning of worship. You will learn about the Worship, the Worshipper, and the Worshipped! Roll these three into one and see how deep it gets.

  2. There will be a time for personal worship. Just you and God. This will come after learning more insights about worship, and you’ll have a lot of time to put that into practice. Imagine an atmosphere of true worshippers worshipping God on an individual level! Time to get drenched in the spirit.

  3. You will be taught how to make worship a lifestyle, so that it continues as a daily practice.

It’s a time to fellowship with others and also a time of refreshing and renewal.

How do you now attend TMW 2017?

It will hold in four different locations:

TMW 2017

  • Ondo (9th Sept)
  • Oyo (16th Sept)
  • Lagos (30th Sept) Nigeria
  • …and The Gambia (23rd Sept).

Attend the one closer to you, and if there’s none, join us in the spirit. And hopefully, someday, we’ll be closer to you.

Details for each Location


Veue: Samfad Guest House. Ilale- Keji road, Idashen. Owo, Ondo State.
Date: 9th September
Time: 11Am


Venue: First Baptist church teens auditorium, Isokun, Oyo.
Date: 16th September
Time: 12pm


Venue: Adebiyi Hall-1 Mabayoje street, Oshodi
Date: 30th September
Time: 12pm


Venue: Ocean Bay Hotel (subject to change)
Date: 23rd September
Time: 12pm

Can you Volunteer? YES!

You can be a part of the workforce to help make this a success. If you are closer to any of these locations, kindly mail us at teensmeetonline@gmail.com.

Will you be there?

And yes! Happy New Month! You can guess the theme of this month, right?

If you said “Worship as a Lifestyle”, you are right! Stay beautiful this new month.


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