The Uncertainty of the Future

The future is more than just technology, and the time to start preparing for it is now- the present.

In the philosophy of time, there is the belief that only the present exists and the future and past are not real

The future is actually uncertain, because you can’t tell what will happen the next moment, but people still work hard, just so they don’t have any less of what they desire.

There are so many ambiguous things in the future that we do not know of yet, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t real. The future is basically what motivates us to keep pressing forward, because no one wants to be left behind.

As Christians, we know we need the light to guide our path and see us through to the future, and this is why we have a savior- Jesus Christ, who is the light to guide us.

Even though the future is still uncertain, and anything can pop up that will disrupt plans, we still need to believe and keep our hopes alive. We need to prepare for the future, starting this moment.

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