God Knows Your Future!

In a man’s life, there will always be a ‘tomorrow’. There’s a popular saying that no one knows what tomorrow holds, only God does. But in a way, man can determine how he wants his future and what he wants in his future, which is where choice and will comes in.

It’s your choice to use what today offers you wisely so you have a great and fulfilling tomorrow. Everyone aspires for a great future but my question to you now is: are you in a relationship with God, He that holds and knows the future? 

To take hold of that which God has prepared for you in the future, you need to walk with him. Map out your plans with God’s wisdom, and not with selfish will and interest.

Place your plan before God and choose to walk with him wholeheartedly and faithfully to acquire the great future He has in mind for you, not necessarily what you have in mind for yourself.

Your future is worth preparing for! Set it right with God!

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