The Future

Unknown, yet it holds so many fates.
It carries power like a god.
It forms to the shape you want it, depending on your vision.
The future only becomes a god when you allow it determine your path,
Or you can become its god, if you realize that it is yours to control and nobody’s.
The future will come to pass if only the present happens.
The present is the test to all examinations and the future is the fruit of your labor.
No man sleeps in the day and expects to eat at night.
No man dances in the rain, and sleeps without a cloth wrapped around his chest.
A future armored with God’s embrace is unstoppable.
And when shielded with God’s love is unbeatable.
A future is only perfect when you choose to sweat now and eat later.

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One thought on “The Future

  1. Hmmmn, what a beautiful write up
    “The future will come to pass if only the present happens”
    So without present there can’t be future, Therefore we should take care of our present so that our future will be brighter

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