Why Teens Lack Emotional Control 

Teenagers tend to express different characters, ranging from pride to anger and depression. At teenagehood, it’s only natural that teens develop a craving to know what adulthood is all about, to break limits and grow at a faster rate. It is a crucial stage in one’s life, which is exactly why teenagers should be counselled often, to help them pour out their feelings and emotions.

There are many reasons why teenagers lack emotional control, ranging from hormonal functions, to parenting issues, relationship, peer pressure, and inferiority complex.

Hormonal functions

Hormones affect moods and emotions. The mood swings are caused by fluctuations in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which are sex hormones. These hormones are also responsible for the thought process of a teenager towards the opposite sex.

During menstruation, it is observed that girls experience mood swings, which can also affect her point of view on sexuality and way of life. It can also sometimes throw them into darkness of their own self while they trying to understand what the body is saying per time.


Every teenager has a family background. ‘Charity begins at home’ is a common idiom I have always known. Issues from parents can also affect how teenagers think.

A teen who speaks his mind to his parents, is comfortable around them, and can easily discuss his needs with them will tend to overcome inferiority complex better and be more confident, compared to one who barely converse with his parents or gets reprimanded too often. He might end up being naive, weak and scared about letting certain things go.


This entails all forms of relationship, with classmates, friends, siblings, and the opposite sex. When a relationship turns out the wrong way, it doesn’t make one happy. One reason why teenagers can’t control their emotions is because they feel cheated when a relationship turns out bad, and don’t know when to let go of a friend. 


This is as well very important. Few teenagers can explain what they want, why they want it, and why they took that action to get them. And some others do things just because their friends did same. A teenager who doesn’t know his/ her temperament would obviously get emotional all the time.

Other reasons why a teenager can lack emotional control include: disappointment, failures, and desperation. These things are emotional and psychological problems, yet explains why some teenagers cannot control their emotions.

This is my take home for you today:

As a teenager, your daily activities determine your output in the future. You could have the worse background and struggle with life daily. Bear in mind that you can always overcome, learn to be confident and let go of the mountains.

Much love!

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