Keeping Your Emotions in Check This Christmas

This festive period brings friends and families together. You get to see those friends who come home once in a year this Christmas; you will likely see your grandma too, let her tell you folklore and stories of how you were born and how she sees her late husband’s smile on your face.

Christmas is always that season children and teenagers look forward to every year. For me, I looked forward to meeting my cousins during Christmas, and I held those memories till the next Christmas day. There were also friends I had that I hardly got in touch with but they show up every Christmas.

Have you noticed that you feel some butterflies in your belly when you meet an old friend, especially the opposite sex?

This is not strange, as it must have happened to you once or more; it happens to virtually everyone. Perhaps, that friend has always been the Joseph in your Baby Jesus story, while you are the Mary, or you both lived in the same hood till teenagehood.

In case you are wondering if you still feel some butterflies in your tummy this Christmas and you don’t know how to handle it, then this is for you.

It is a good thing to let out your emotions when you meet with old friends. I could gist an old friend until it’s late at night. It is also a good thing to check what that emotion is saying to you, and how you plan on handling it. The friend could be someone you might never see till Jesus comes or you will get to see next year or once in your lifetime.

All that matters is Christmas is the time we celebrate Jesus and don’t allow any emotions deprive you of understanding what Christmas is all about.

Mary had always been the lead singer at the children choir for years while Titus was the lead choreographer. Titus got admitted into King’s college and being from a broken home, both his parents had remarried, thus he spent most of his holidays with his Dad. While Mary was helping the children get it right on their carol songs, she heard someone call her name from afar. Mary looked back and saw that it was Titus, she missed him so much, she missed his trouble, she found herself staring at him and she could not ask why it was so.

The carol ended on a good note, both parents greeted each other and asked if Titus’ mum would visit the family on the 25th of December, which is equally Mary’s mum’s birthday. Mary was happy she would get to see Titus once again before he left for school.

They exchanged numbers and had a long chat on WhatsApp. Mary could not stop thinking about all that he said, he told her he had a crush on her, and will always love her till eternity. Titus, at his end, thought of ways to ask Mary out in the best way he could without thinking of what the next year would hold for them both. He believed he could manage a relationship since he had always crushed on Mary. He also felt both their parents would not be against it since they were family friends. He slept off thinking of them both.

How to Handle Emotions During Christmas

1. Check the why behind the emotions

Like Mary and Titus, they felt what happened between them would last forever. Imagine Mary thinking of all that Titus had told her and Titus thinking of holding a relationship of years with Mary. They were both teenagers and they felt what they had for each other was true.

2. Don’t follow the leading of your emotions

I also felt the way Mary felt when I was a teenager, I would meet a friend once a year and those moments looked seemingly the best moments of the year. While I thought we really liked each other, the following year would never be like that.

My siblings and I went to my hometown for holidays and we met some children who also came to spend holidays with their grandma. Both grandmas live opposite each other, which made it easy to see these children for months. One of them wrote me a love letter then, even though my grandma later saw it and told me to stay away from boys, without mentioning the boy’s name in particular. He sent two letters. We never went to their house to play but we saw each other when I passed by their house. Days went on and they left to their destination while my siblings and I were still around. Till today, I don’t think I have seen the boy, or perhaps if I see him, I might not be able to recognise him anymore.

Imagine if I had followed the leading, the letters and the unnecessary drama, perhaps I felt some goosebumps meant real love and dated him for two months. It would have taken a part of me and we would still never see each other again.

3. Carry your parents along

If your parents are good listeners, that is good for you. Tell them about the sudden emotions you feel for that person. Sometimes, our parents get to notice that we are crushing on a person even before we get to admit that ourselves.

Remember at teenagehood, we stay with our parents. For example, Titus’ mum might have told Mary’s mum about her relocation to the states and how she intended to leave Titus at his dad’s place. If Titus loved being with his dad, that simply means he would never or might never see Mary till he is old enough to choose where to spend his holidays. Titus never knew about his mum’s plans and the day he got to know, he was discouraged, yet he felt his relationship with Mary could still work out.

If Mary had told her mum or dad and Titus had informed his mum, their parents would advise them to keep the friendship because they would still be wonderful friends when they are older.

4. Never assume that humans don’t change

I have come to realize that one of the reasons teenagers bump into relationships is because they are oblivious about change. It is normal for people to change. Sometimes, you don’t have a friendship with a particular person because you both have never stayed in the same club, then one day at church or school, you both are asked to join the same unit and do things in teamwork. That moment you know how that person smiles, laughs and does some things. You also see how friendly that person is.

5. Learn to value friendship more

When you value your friendship more than your emotions, you will never want to trade your friendship for anything.

I understand that so many wishes and emotions will be flying through the air this festive season, and I hope you get it right in the best way you can.

Have a fun-filled Christmas 😘😍

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Do you have more tips to share on how to keep your emotions in check during this festive period? Feel free to share in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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