Eunice Temiloluwa’s TMO Experience

Your Name

Eunice Temiloluwa Oyekan

How long have you been with TMO?

1 year

Describe your experience with TMO so far.


What’s your area of commitment to TMO (Media, Blog Author, Graphics, Location Head, Member, Follower)

Blog Author

Have you benefitted from being a part of TMO in any way, please share an instance with us? 

Do you love TMO? If yes, tell us why, if no (I don’t know why you should say no). Lol

Yes, teenagers are involved

It’s our anniversary, leave some sweet words for us. 

Keep being you and aim higer

What’s one thing that stands out about TMO to you 

Interest in better teens

Is there anything you’ll like to see us do differently this new year? please, share. 

Thank you so much, Eunice!


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