Blessing’s TMO Experience

Your Name

Sangowawa Moyo Blessing

How long have you been with TMO?

3 years

Describe your experience with TMO so far.

Its been a beautiful experience, in terms of volunteering, blog posts and the trainings.

The experience keeps getting better by the day.

What’s your area of commitment to TMO? (Media, Blog Author, Graphics, Location Head, Member, Follower)

Blog Author

Have you benefitted from being a part of TMO in any way? Please, share an instance with us. 

Yes, I have benefited in many ways.

Improvement in my skills as a content writer and blogger is all thanks to TMO. My ability to volunteer was groomed by TMO.

Do you love TMO? If yes, tell us why, if no (I don’t know why you should say no). Lol

Yes, it’s the best place to be as a teenager and a young adult.

It’s our anniversary, leave some sweet words for us. 

Keep soaring TMO! You’ve not scratched the surface yet.

More years to come with beautiful achievements.

What’s one thing that stands out about TMO to you?

Our unity.

Is there anything you’ll like to see us do differently this new year? Please, share. 

Keep on doing what you do best.

Thank you so much, Blessing!


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