Getting Along With Your Teachers

Interactions and engagements with teachers vary in importance at different levels of education, but it’s nonetheless important and should be fostered. I can speak for them on one thing, you’re not bothering them at all. If anything, they are definitely looking forward to their students reaching out to them and offering help however they can. … More Getting Along With Your Teachers


The Proper Way To Worship God

Worship isn’t singing. Worship isn’t serving in the church. Worship isn’t giving to the poor. A lot of people are doing these things and more, yet God is still seeking for true worshipers. People who will put him first and love him; wholeheartedly and unconditionally, just as he loved us. … More The Proper Way To Worship God

Can We Talk About Rejection?

you have to remind yourself that this setback doesn’t define you and that you’re not a failure, not to make yourself feel better, but because it’s the truth.

Rejection, in any form, attacks your self-confidence, your ability to believe in yourself. Many people stay stuck in this mentality and they never really move on, even though they think they have. You haven’t really moved on if you left your self-confidence behind. … More Can We Talk About Rejection?

Social Media is Beyond Just Socializing

Social media, as a networking tool, is the new hiring and networking method. Many professionals and employers look to social media platforms to verify potential employees, and social handles are now employment application requirements. Post, like, comment on and share what you would like people to see about you. Would the hiring manager of that company you’ve been seeking to intern seek to employ you based on the content of your timeline? … More Social Media is Beyond Just Socializing

Can Blogging Help Relieve Academic Stress?

Good content involves a professionally or standard website design, intellectual and interactive topics, accurate and fact-checked information and more. Whatever you’re blogging about, you want to make sure that your blog is a positive addition to the internet, with sound content that’ll equip people with the right information. … More Can Blogging Help Relieve Academic Stress?