Music Monday: Blessed Assurance

In simple words, this hymn describes the hope we have in Christ. The assurance of a loving father. I hope in this new week, you rest in the blessed assurance of the Father. Also, take a minute and listen to the good ol’ version of the song. … More Music Monday: Blessed Assurance


Improving your Memory as a Student

There’s a short-term and there’s also a long-term memory and basically most people find themselves between either of these two, but on whichever side one is, there is always room for improvement especially when it comes to students and teens. … More Improving your Memory as a Student

So, Why Don’t You Want to Go to College?

Life in College is a simulation of the real-life experience. It is like you are test running how you are going to live your life. Your chances of better living could be increased if you are able to achieve the true aim of going to college. It is up to you to go to college and make the best decision of life by going with a mission of not only academic excellence but personal development! Let college prepare you for successful living! … More So, Why Don’t You Want to Go to College?