5 Myths About Being an Adult.

Sometime ago, my baby brother brought this Math problem to my mum and when she had difficulties figuring out the answers, I remember him asking with a puzzled look on his face,”how can you not know when you are old?” Haha yeah right. This brings us to the five Myths about Adulthood: … More 5 Myths About Being an Adult.


Letter to My Childhood 

When I call your name, I hear echoes of it several times, it scares me, then I run out embracing adulthood. Still imbalanced between responsibilities and growth. Why do I have so many responsibilities as a young adult? Why do everyone around look up to me for something? I was tired of being scolded and corrected, forgetting that I am an adult, I figured out I could be happy like I was with you. … More Letter to My Childhood