The Mind of the Believer

When he believes and is saved, his spirit man receives life. But the things he has done, the words he has given his heart to, the ideas he run his life by, the places he hangs out, and so on don’t just fly out of his mind; they are still very much more there! … More The Mind of the Believer

Social Media and the Gospel: #HallelujahChallenge as a Case Study

We didn’t get it right with radio, neither did we get it with television, Social media is probably one of our last chances to get it right as Christians and we must explore it to the full. We would be doing ourselves a great deal of harm by ignoring by a platform that can reach more souls than our church buildings can. The goal is to go into all of the world and that we must do. … More Social Media and the Gospel: #HallelujahChallenge as a Case Study