Welcome Note

Thanks for coming around. I’ll like to quickly introduce what Teens Meet Online (TMO) is all about.

I’ve been working on this project for over two months now, and I must say, greater things lie ahead and tomorrow is beautiful.

You’ll agree with me that a teenager is a person from thirteen to nineteen years of age, and although that’s our major target, we are still on the look out for potential teenagers and persons slightly above teenage years. We believe that there is so much to learn and know as teenagers, far beyond what the world think, which is why this platform is coming into existence.

We are in a modernized world; a world where a teenager isn’t happy being one and he/she wants to fast-forward to the future to become an adult, without realizing how much of a big deal adulthood.

I’ve come across teenagers who just want to follow the normal trend of life, ignorant of how much impact they can be in different fields, and the amazing things they are yet to do; teenagers who haven’t found purpose. Some attribute the teenage years to fun, and see it as a stage to make lots of mistakes, have a taste of what’s trending, finish high school and get into college/university, and get married, which is unfortunately the greatest achievement a lot of teenagers look forward to.

On the other hand, I’ve come across teenagers doing exploits, finding purpose, making impact, touching lives, becoming entrepreneurs, reaching for greater heights, successful!

I won’t also forget the struggling ones, those who get easily weighed down by circumstances that sometimes get them into dangerous situations, like having to mix up with wrong peers, engaging in dirty jobs to survive, getting maltreated by other privileged humans, constantly facing scorn and shame, failing repeatedly and consistently, and many more. All these are enough to discourage one from pursuing purpose or doing anything sensible in life.

I can go on and on, bringing up different categories of teenagers. Teenagers go through so much and sometimes, they look around for who to talk to or what to do, and they find none.

I’m a young lady of 19, and in some months time, I’ll be 20. I can tell you boldly that I’ve been through thick and thin and been stuck so many times. Like many other teenagers out there, my parents don’t know all about me, all I do, some awkward mess I’ve been in, and so on. I know what it means to fail, to get stuck, to look around and find no one, to lack something in dire need, to be harassed, to make silly mistakes, and some other things I’ll keep for later. Many times, I feel, just little is done for teenagers (generally), which is not meant to be.

Soon, I’ll be 20, and all heads will suddenly turn to me; many will be concerned about the woman I’m becoming, how I’m preparing towards marriage, how I act towards the opposite sex, how I’m making impact in my society as ‘a woman’, how I do this and that. They won’t stop inviting me to tons of ‘women empowerment’ programs, suggest books to read, teach me how to be submissive to the husband and etcetera…

What happens to the foundation? Do we really need to make mistakes as teens? Can’t we be amazing right from our teenage years? Do we need to have scars upon scars and be taught how to let them go when we get into our twenties? Really…?

While I was making plans on TMO, I surfed the Internet for some things, and found out that 85% of how the Internet links with teenagers aren’t positive. I see things like ‘how a teenager can meet a sex partner online’ ‘how a lesbian/gay teen can open up’ ‘get a boyfriend/girlfriend online’ ‘hot site for teens’. Not encouraging. Tell me, how are these things beneficial in a positive way?

Also, I feel little is done for males. Like females, they are humans, and need a guide. We, ladies, will fall in their arms someday and we won’t like to meet trash.

Teenage boys and girls, welcome to Teens Meet Online. I believe we will be beneficial to one another.

Outside this online space, we are taking this out, to schools, organizations, streets; everywhere! This is just the start, I see this becoming big!

If you need someone to mentor you, we are here
If you need a friend, our arms are open
If you need to share ideas and opinions with other teenagers, welcome
We want to hear you
We want to help you

Meet a coach here

I wish I came up with this idea solely, and at the same time, glad it isn’t my idea. This is what God has called me to do, and refusing to do it is same as refusing to live purpose; refusing to walk in line with my destiny; refusing to do what he has called me to do; refusing life!

I have so much at hand already, but it’ll be nasty to tell God I do not have the time to carry out his work on this planet. I believe, with God, TMO will be a place of refuge for teenagers.

To teenagers out there, welcome! Let’s ride together.
To adults reading this, we hope to learn from you.

Thanks for your time. Please spread the news.

Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole
Director, Teens Meet Online


10 thoughts on “Welcome Note

  1. I must say I am very much impressed by this. God bless and increase you dearie. Though am not a teen but m passionate about teens growing up to be happy adults.

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  2. This is massive….grace needed to birth and nurture this vision to full manifestations is released on you and the entire TMO TEAM in Jesus name. Keep rising and breaking new grounds.

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