Steps on How to be a Mature Preteen Online

We are in the technology age, so I won’t be surprised if a preteen is currently reading this. Having access to the internet is not wrong, like some people pose it to be. However, being online at a very young age opens you to annoying situations, like having to deal with comments that bully you. Certainly, some people will talk you down, but you can minimize this, or even cut it down to zero by following these steps on how to be a mature preteen online. Might not be easy, but with consistency, you will get used to it.

Step 1: Don’t bully


The very first thing that presents you immature to the internet world, is bullying. We can’t dispute the fact that these bullies would come; they would but you’ll have to learn to deal with it. Don’t try to oppress someone with your comment or post; if you feel any sense of bully in your post, try to rephrase and take off whatever may seem as bully. Avoid writing a message when you are upset or pissed at something; chances are that you will not post something sensible. Read your posts over and over again and be sure it’s passing the right message. If you are the one getting the bully, don’t fight it; people who bully online need a step up in their self-esteems. Ignore such as much as you can and move on.

Step 2. Embrace proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation

spelling and grammar

You will only display childishness by using broken lines and sentences. You’ll only be passing a message to adults that you are immature and not meant to be on the internet. Avoid abbreviations; remember your punctuation when you write, to make yourself clear; read your words and be sure they sound clear. If you are worried that you aren’t too good with spellings, there’s no big deal about that; you can always use an online spell checker to know where you are faulty.

Step 3. Excuse bragging


Whatever thing you are good at or improving at, resist the pressure to brag about them all the time. It only displays you to the world as immature. Instead, focus on improving and becoming that young boy/girl the world is waiting for. Showing off all the time will only make people see you as someone who is proud and lack some common sense. Let everything be done in modesty.

Step 4. Apply common sense

common sense

How do you react to things? Is your common sense saying something is wrong but you still go ahead to do it? Sometimes, we need to make common sense our friends to do the right thing. If you are having second thoughts about doing a particular thing, probably because it won’t yield a pleasurable result, take it off your mind and don’t take the risk!

Step 5. Be assertive


Being assertive means to show confidence, be bold, stand your ground, make your decisions. This doesn’t mean you should be rude; you can always make your points clear without stepping on another’s toe. Don’t present yourself as that swerving child who lacks common sense. Be bold and true to your points, as long as they are reasonable.

Step 6. Be friendly even to the rude


This is quite tough but you have to form the habit, if you haven’t. Show kindness to those who lack it and do not even deserve it. It makes you feel better about yourself, and probably more mature than the other party. Never let an immature action trigger a corresponding immature reaction from you.


Having access to the internet isn’t a bad idea; what brings you out of the norm is how you portray yourself to the world. Above all, moderacy is important; don’t get too glued to the internet.


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