5 Random Myths Teenagers Live by

Many teenagers today are quick to yield to certain things without thinking twice. Do we say it’s their faults? And blame them all the time? Truth is, many of these myths teenagers live by, results from what the society see as norm and what parents and some adults force into them. Other times, it results from the generalized thinking of teenagers. Could it be because they aren’t adults yet and they are ignorant of so many things?

Here are 5 random myths teenagers should note

1. Everyone has to like me

As positive as this may sound, it is not true. You don’t have to force your way through for people to like you. No matter how nice or accommodating you are, everyone cannot like you; there will always be that person that is uninterested in what you have to offer. A larger percentage of teenagers today won’t like be seen around without friends; you really do not need too many friends to progress. If all the friendship spaces get occupied, what will happen to the upcoming ones? Some people have to leave your life for others to come in. Don’t stress it. Be yourself.

2. Don’t worry, I will understand when I grow

What is growth? That won’t make you know what you really should? As a matter of fact, many adults today are still trying to figure out their lives and are yet to understand, even at 40. Nothing should make you feel less of yourself and that you cannot understand some things while you are still a teenager. Avoid making mistakes that could have been easily avoided. When you find yourself in a situation that seem like you would never understand, due to your age, be quick to move on and learn. Age doesn’t define growth. You define it.

3. It’s okay to make mistakes

Teenagers mistakes are mostly ignored because, according to the society, they are still young and do not know many things. From today, you have to learn how to scrap that statement and throw it into the bin. It is certainly not okay to make mistakes all the time. Although, mistakes are inevitable and even adults can’t escape them, doesn’t mean you should throw yourself open to mistakes that could have been avoided. Your first trial in something can be the perfect one, and not just a mere trial. If as a teenager, you cling to this myth, at the end of the day, you might not be able to pay for some mistakes you have made in the past. Be careful.

4. Life is cruel to me—I am the only one suffering

Well, this is so true. Teenagers are quick to believe that life is not so fair to them, and when they see others with happy faces, they believe it’s because life has been fair to them. You are not the only one going through that same situation as yours; some have problems and challenges much bigger than yours. Accept these things as part of life and move on. You are not the only one suffering.

5. I believe what the media says

You don’t always have to make the media your mentor. Not everything on the media is true. Learn to listen to adults and people around you that you trust. You might fall if you solely rely on the media.


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