“Guys will come with sweet tongues, begging you on their knees with tears”- Victoria Oluwaferanmi David

Let’s see what Feranmi has to say, having been to three different relationships that yielded nothing

“focus on God, your academics, future, after all that has been achieved, then the right guy/girl will come naturally, and through the help of the Holy Spirit, you will know.”

Here’s a chapter of my story, I want to talk about, and it has to do with relationship with the opposite sex.
As teens, there could be dis feeling to get into a relationship, especially for those who just gained admission into the university, even when you know it’s not the right time. I was a victim of such, I was 17 yrs old, in 100 level when I got into my first relationship, it lasted for just 2 months; after sometime, I began another one, which lasted for 3 months. The 3rd and last one lasted for a year, I was 18 yrs old then, that was my first serious relationship that I was committed to. The first two were just infatuation, and I ended them up myself when I felt I was tired of the whole thing.
But the 3rd one was the one I loved so much and was committed to with the purpose of marriage, but it was the guy who broke up with me. I was heartbroken, devastated, and deeply hurt, I got tired of my life, I had never loved someone the way I loved him, it took God’s Grace and time to gather my broken self together

One thing I thank God for was that, in all the three relationships, there was no sex, romance/kissing, they were sexually pure.

It was after d 3rd relationship, I learnt a lot, and made up my mind not to go into any relationship for now, until I have improved spiritually, in purpose and other areas, and also when God’s right and perfect person comes, and that’s what am doing now

My advice to young teen is that, don’t stir up Love when you are not ready for it, I will advise you wait until you are matured in all areas of life before entering into a relationship. For some people who feel they must be in a relationship, let the relationship be defined, don’t be so committed to an undefined relationship, cos when you do, and the relationship doesn’t turn out as expected, you will be so heartbroken, and it will affect other areas of your life, especially spiritually and academically.

Learn from my story, don’t let guys play with your heart. God helped me and the three relationships were sexually pure; you may not be lucky as I was. If what I’m knowing now about love and relationship was what I knew then, I would never had been into any of those relationship, but I was a novice then. You still have the opportunity.

Definitely, guys will come, with sweet tongues, calling you sweet names, begging you on their knees with tears, don’t fall for it. It’s part of their tricks and lies. Learn to say no, know your worth, know what you worth, and what you want, and the fact is that, you are priceless, don’t let guys deceive you with perishable material things
I learnt to say NO after my 3rd relationship. I know what I worth and what I want, and that’s my focus now, after that, my partner can come

Dear teens, let that guy/girl wait first, focus on God, your academics, future, after all that has been achieved, then the right guy/girl will come naturally, and through the help of the Holy Spirit, you will know.

Another thing I will talk about is friends, learn to make good, intelligent friends, friends with vision, and aims for the future, it will help you a long way,. Friends that you can share a secret with and it will be safe with them even for years, friends that will tell you the truth when you are going astray..

Note: I’m not saying you should not make friends with the opposite sex, please do but know the kind of person he or she is. Most people come and ask to be friends with you, as a trick to get you

Wish you all great and wonderful lives.

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About the writer

Victoria Oluwaferanmi David

My name is Victoria Oluwaferanmi David, a 300Level English student of Usman Danfodiyo University. I’m an upcoming writer who focuses on Christian themes. I love God and I love to see people around me successful, especially the poor and less privileged.
Email address: Feranmibae@gmail.com

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