“To conveniently read and take novels in and out of school, I had to tear a part of my school uniform”- Bernice Odunayo Osuolale

Bernice, who is no longer a teenager, shares how deep she used to be in reading romantic novels. She even had to tear a part of her school uniform, just to sneak novels in and out of school, and avoid being caught. “As my thinking pattern just fell in line with what I read, there were many times I’d find myself replaying graphically in my memory what I’ve read and this won’t occur to any of my academic work”~ Bernice

The teenage period is an unavoidable strategic point in one’s life, where an individual feel he/she is in charge and wants to live his/her life the best way that seems right to self.

I am Bernice Odunayo Osuolale {B.O.O}, I’m proud to say that I’m a graduate of the teenage school and I can award myself a pass mark winks Just applauding myself {if I don’t, who will?} adjust shoulder pad eh! Don’t go thinking this girl is proud o… Teenage years no be beans o but it was kinda fun…

My story is not an alluring one but I hope it inspires someone—to prepare your mind just in case you’re thinking of that. Now to Serious business!!!

This is a story narrating one of my experiences as a teenager. I was born into a family of six; father and mother inclusive and I happen to be the third child. Not born with a silver spoon but it’s not that bad that you won’t get a silver steeled spoon to eat in our house lols

Should I say I was fated or lucky to attend my mum’s school? Whichever way, schooling for me was like family affair things. Not much difference from the people I relate with daily. I really do not have close friends as such due to this as everyone remains a friend to me by default.

Bernice Osuolale

During my secondary school days, I got involved with reading romantic novels. It so became a part of me that I found myself reading it times without numbers. There were times I would pack my school books and my novels together; I would pretend to be studying my books and anytime I discover no-one is observing, I’ll quickly bring out the novel and continue reading, little did I know that not only was I deceiving myself, but it also had repercussion in my academic. I was addicted to reading novels that in order to avoid disturbance from anyone I would even go to the toilet sometimes just to read.

In school, I knew I couldn’t afford to carry the book all around, so for me to conveniently read and take novels in and out of school, I had to tear a part of my school uniform {my school uniform then was shirt on skirt with coat}. I tore a part of the coat and put the book inside it. I’d sneak to the library just to read the novels and satisfy my heart craving. The worst part of these was that I didn’t only read for reading sake but to arouse myself. I was exposed to so many nasty things and I kept meditating on it so much that I was eager to try it out.

As my thinking pattern just fell in line with what I read, there were many times I’d find myself replaying graphically in my memory what I’ve read and this won’t occur to any of my academic work….NAWA oh!!! How I wished it was that way..

Anyway thank God for saving me completely maybe by now I would have been so deep in it and would not be satisfied with the graphics alone! Maybe my appetite would have been to satisfy my physical flesh. But thanks to God for Sexual Purity Awareness!!! I can shout it loud and scream it for all to read about it that I’m sexually pure {it should be noted that sexual purity is not just about the act, but it involves what our heart meditate on for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks not only will the mouth speak, the mind and the body will act.} Due to our ignorance sometimes, we often times fall into the error of believing we’re catching fun while in the real sense of it, we allow for the growth of sexual immorality in our heart. We must be cautious of what we expose ourselves to as in my own case it was God’s intervention that delivered me from this act that would have led to several other immoral acts.

When I graduated from secondary school I was aspiring to study in a distanced place so that I would be opportune to live a wayward life. But thank be to God for His word says: I have it all planned out­—­plans to take care of you, not abandon you. God has a better plan for me and he has since being making those word a reality in my life. I could not gain admission to higher institution immediately I graduated from college. Although, I have always being acquainted with God since I was born, during those times I got to have a better relationship with God and learn to walk in His steps and grow in Him by His grace.

#Now I can shout it out loud that I’m sexually pure
#I don’t meditate on what does not give birth to LIFE
#I’m no longer a slave to romantic novels.
#I’m God’s own and meditate on His word.

To enjoy a full packaged and well-meaning teenage year, allow GOD in your plane to ensure safe landing!!!

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About the Writer

Bernice Odunayo Osuolale

Bernice Odunayo Osuolale is currently a 500 level law student of Obafemi Awolowo University; She is a lover of God and an advocate of sexual purity. She belongs to MINE TEENAGE MINISTRY and KINGDOM ZOE TEEN MINISTRY. She admires teenagers who are vibrant for God and loves to inspire teens around her. bennygirl2011@yahoo.com


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