10 Basic Fashion Tips | by Olayinka Adedolapo

Last week, I talked about fashion and decency; how you don’t necessarily have to be indecent before you can come out fabulous.
Okay! So, to further help you on how to make your dressings, I have come up with 10 fashion tips that I personally follow and I’m sure a lot of people out there follow these simple tips too.

1. Always make an effort to look good

It doesn’t really matter where you are going to, just ensure you look good. Now, I’m not saying you should put on heels to the market or a complete suit for lectures. All I’m saying is that you can dress simple and still look good.

2. Wear something you are comfortable in

This is one great way to save yourself from embarrassing moments. I mean, if you will put on something for 18 hours out of your 24 hours, shouldn’t you think of your comfort?

3. Never dress to impress; be modest

You should never dress to impress anyone apart from yourself. My reason for saying this is because, whenever you try to dress in order to impress people, you will automatically start wearing things that you’re not comfortable with. For instance, you are wearing a short flowing skirt to impress or to show how sexy you are and then, on a particular day, the wind blows off your skirt and lifts it off your thigh. Now, tell me how comfortable you will feel.

4. Take your underwear into consideration when dressing

Always wear the right kind of underwear with your cloth. Some feel it isn’t important but I say it is. For a lady, Your pant line showing underneath your cloth isn’t sexy; for a man, your boxers showing its rainbow colors on a sunny day isn’t cool.

5. Don’t wear matching colours

Please, gone are the days when wearing yellow on green was an abomination, so don’t come out wearing purple shirt on purple trousers with a purple shoe. Try mixing up your colors like wearing a black and white gown with a red shoe or for the guys, a white shirt with a carton color trousers and black shoes. The only time you are permitted to wear matching is if its black on black or white on white then adds a touch of red or any other applicable colour. Something like the picture below

Olayinka Adedolapo
This is me on a black and white gown, black heels, and a red bag. 

6. Wear loose with tight

Okay, what I mean by this is if you are wearing a loose top, you should put on a leggings with it or if it’s a peplum top, wear a nice fitted trousers to complement it.

7. Try to wear corporate

For those of us that are not in the working class yet, we may not be really compelled to dress corporate. Sometimes, it is not bad to wear that buttoned up shirt you’ve been keeping in your wardrobe with a nice pair of chinos or skirt, you will notice that when you wear corporate, people address you differently with respect.

8. It’s better to dress to suit the occasion

This tip helps you not to overdress or under dress as the case maybe. The occasion tells you the kind of cloth you are to wear there; you can still be unique in your dressing but you don’t want to wear a complete suit to a traditional wedding. Oh, do you?

9. Wear your cloth with confidence

See, this is very important, it doesn’t matter where you bought that cloth from. Either it is $1 or =N=20, if you put on confidence with that cloth, you will have people wondering where you shop.


If you have a personal fashion a tip that you follow and has helped to improve your fashion sense, do let me know by dropping your comments below

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About the Writer: Olayinka Adedolapo is a young lady with passion for fashion. Olayinkadolapo65@gmail.com


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