Acquire Satisfying Knowledge 

Hello Teenager,

Do you sometimes sit back and wonder why there has to be contradicting issues between yourself and your parents?
Do you have so many questions bothering you but you will rather leave them unanswered since there is no one to turn to?
Are you curious about a lot of things and all you want to do is ASK?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

There’s a programme coming up on the 17th of this month, with the theme: Acquire Satisfying Knowledge (A.S.K).

acquire satisfying knowledge

We know how confusing the world can be; how your parents can seem not to understand, how they tell you something else at home and it differs from what reality says. We understand how your world with your friends seem so different from your world with your parents, and much more importantly, we understand how YOUR HEART QUESTIONS!

You have probably sought for answers to your unending questions and you have accepted fate to conform, believing it’s how life should be.

Well, maybe not! Here is an opportunity to ask all that is bothering you, and get answers to them.

Venue: 11, Baale street, off Adebowale street, Ojodu Berger, Lagos
Date: 17th September 2016
Time: 11:00Am

Prepare your questions and bring them along or you send them ahead to any of these contacts.

+2348095482109, +2348166218375 OR

Just come and Acquire Satisfying Knowledge!


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