Grow Up as you Grow Old

To grow old is to assume a condition over time, increase in age and stature, BECOME BIGGER, show some traits of adolescent or adulthood.

Human growth is aided by hormones secreted by the pituitary gland which makes us grow everyday.

To grow up is to mature, become an adult, GROW WISE.

Birthdays are celebrated because we assume that the person is still growing and  marking growth in his/her life. He’s more matured than the day he was born.

Now the thing is, as we grow old everyday do we also grow up?
When we grow up, we become more informed (so as not to be deformed),  knowledgeable, advance in wisdom, WAX GREATER AND GREATER, which increases with us as we grow old.

Growing up requires effort and discipline in dealing with fleshy desires(weaknesses) but when we only grow old day by day, we live ignorant lives, sometimes fake life, WAX WEAKER AND WEAKER.

Therefore as you grow old, make sure you grow up too. God’s grace is readily available to help you.


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