Bullying | by Doyinsola Oni

Bullying is very undesirable and it invents major problems for us in the society. It is also an act of threatening a feeble person to do something, and nothing good ever comes out of it. It changes one’s life negatively and also destroys it as well; this is common among teenagers. We get scared when we’re frequently teased; even worse, we can be killed or injured if the browbeaten gets drastic.

I think there are many reasons for bullying that must be curbed. Violence, poverty, incorrect teachings are just diverse of the many serious causes of bullying.

Bullying is something we all should be concerned about and we must prevent from happening at all cost.

While some people see bullying as something little, and do not take it serious, it is important that we know it makes life unpleasant and miserable for the person bullied.

Extreme forces on TV-shows are readily available for anyone to watch. We tend to think about them and practice what we have watched and we try ‘moves’ on other people because we think it’s cool.

We also need cooperation from parents, as some encourage their children to fight, which is not supposed to be. We must take our initiative and we must find out what’s right and wrong for us.

Bullying must stop, because it’s destroying the lives and futures of many backless and untainted innocent people.

Moyinoluwa Oni

I’m Moyinoluwa Doyinsola Oni, a native of Ondo state. I’m currently a 100L Nursing student at LAUTECH, Ogbomoso Nigeria. I write, I love God, and I’m a novel freak.



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