A 16yr old girl takes to her Facebook page, a letter to the 16th she’s about leaving behind

Akinleye Temiloluwa, a 16 year old, shares with her Facebook friends what it feels like to be sixteen, and the wonderful things she has learnt in the past one year. It appears her birthday is just around the corner and she can’t just keep calm to be 17! Aww

Read her post below


Diary of a 16 year old


Sweet sixteen, we’ve been together for the past 12 months and in these past months, I can boldly say I’ve learnt a whole lot of things…Wonderful 16′, we had our ups and downs, a few tears here and there, quite a few disappointments too, and a couple of teenage issues. I’m quite sure you remember those nights I’d cry because you hadn’t taught me to handle something I faced, and I learnt in this annoying but sweet way.

Ever sweet 16′, you always knew I was a ‘love-lover’ and you were never reluctant to help me know what next to do to show someone they were loved without setting myself on fire to keep other people warm. I soooooo appreciate your ability to teach me to love like I do now ,you taught me to make people happy no matter how sad I felt within, you taught me to love and not be too hurt if I wasn’t loved back, you taught me to care and not mind if someone cared or not,you taught me to make out time for my loved ones and put them first in all I do (Family above all).

򣁓Sweet sixteen you helped me harness my writing potentials and this has no doubt helped to pass a message across.


Awesome 16′, you just had this ability to teach me ‘SENSE’ in a way I never imagined and people never believed you and I were still friends and I was still enjoying your merry go round.

Sweet sixteen,with you I was able to learn how to be God classed, how to set standards which even future hubby is going to have to work with anytime he comes around😘😘!…You’ve helped me to no longer be scared of growing up, you’ve helped me be able to keep myself pure till future ‘Ade mi’ comes around. Oh 16, these dreams of a future so bright which you have so graciously placed in my hands will sure keep me going 😍😍😍.

Awesome 16′ above all things, I really appreciate your ability to have been able to help me love God more, want him more and walk with Him more, I’m a lot more ‘God-crazy’ than I used to beπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ.I’m sure you know we wouldn’t have come this far if not for God!
Less I forget, Dear 16′ you helped me make friends some of who were friends before but you helped me develop a close relationship with people, you brought me so close to the right people, you took me to people who would help me make 17 an amazing 17! Dear 16′, we made wonderful friends whose parts would never be forgotten on the field of our 12 months together.

Sweet 16′ I could write on and on but I think we’d like to spell our ‘BYES’ completely here. To cut the long story short, sweet 16′ you’ve been wonderful and despite our ups and downs, I can still say I’ve had a wonderful year with you, I look forward to taking your memories along with me while leaving you behind and moving on to an ‘Amazing 17’, it’s been a wonderful year which as usual would only be this once…

17, here I come!
#How did I suddenly grow this old??πŸ‘±
#Big girl loading!πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Aww! See how sweet! I want to be sixteen again, please. Let me write love letter too. lol

Connect with her on Facebook here


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