ABUSE | by Oluwatimilehin A.

School did not seem as a place of fun
All the other kids cared to do was merely scorn
Arrgh! I wish I was never born

Where else would I run to?
Who would I beckon for help?
All the doors seemed locked
He pinned me down with all of his strength
I couldn’t think straight..is this not the one I called Uncle Tade?

“Big head, rough teeth, scanty hair”
What have I not heard?
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Are you not weary of seeing my face?
Tell me, isn’t it ugly enough for you as others say?
How come I don’t have that perfect body shape that I really want?!

Abuse! No other words can cushion its effects
It is still ABUSE!
In various ways, you’ve occurred
You heartless abstract being
Causing shattering of hearts here and there
What exactly do you seek to achieve?
I am tired of being thy experimental tool

About the Writer

Oluwatimilehin A

I’m Oluwatimilehin A.
An undergraduate Law student of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.
I have a flair for creative writing and an inclination towards speaking. Being Unique is what I do best!
Follow me on twitter @Miz_sleeME


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