School Outreach 3- Bakau, The Gambia

Glory Baptist Secondary School. Opposite the Independence stadium, Bakau, The Gambia. Friday, 17th February 2017.

Glory Baptist

We had about 72 students in attendance. The session started with Mr Jallow (head of the IT department) introducing us to the students and what we were about to do. I (Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole) then stood up to address the students. I introduced my partner, Gabriel Bangura, and myself and told them what TMO is all about and why we decided to reach out to secondary schools.

TMO rep, workforce, and some of the students

Since the theme for this month is Teens Show Love, I threw a question to the students to tell us what they think love is. Mr Koroma (the principal) then stepped in to encourage the students to speak up and make it interactive. We got responses from three boys and two girls, and the definitions they gave were what many of us could relate to. It was an encouraging start already and the looks on their faces showed that they were indeed ready to learn more about what love is.

We talked about the different types of love and the how and why teenagers should show love. After about 20 minutes of an interactive session, we got some interesting questions, some of which are:

1. How can we tell the difference between love and lust?

ANS: Lust is 100% erotic love (a kind of love we already explained) and is focused on the physical body, without a deep and affectionate feeling. Lust won’t wait; lust wants sex before anything; lust won’t sacrifice anything for you if it won’t satisfy its desires; lust is short-lived.


2. When you assist someone in answering questions in an examination hall, could it be an act of love?

ANS: What’s written on the instructions in your exam sheet? No talking, right? They chorused “yes”. When you decide to ‘help’ someone in the exam hall, do you talk confidently or as one who doesn’t want to be caught? They laughed. So, I asked “do you now think it’s wrong, or right?”. They chorused “wrong”.

Student asking a question

Another student further asked: “but even the bible says we should love our neighbors. How come we can’t help our neighbors too in the exam hall?”. I simply replied them with a quote I’ve held on to since last year: “you don’t have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm”. You know, there are other ways to help without setting yourself on fire, unnecessarily. You could help before the exam date, but once you are in the hall, you are to obey instructions. There’ll be a penalty for whoever is caught.

We ended the session with lots of “I love you” in the air.

Glory Baptist
The Principal- Mr Koroma

Representative: Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole
Workforce: Gabriel Bangura

Watch short video clip here

The theme for our school outreaches follow our monthly theme, and the theme for this month is: Teens Show Love.

Our sincere gratitude goes to God Almighty for the success of this, and also the school for approving our visit and permitting these pictures.

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