Let’s Talk Money!

Tell me, if you were given a blank cheque, what would you do with it?

If you asked me this question with the mentality I had about eight years ago, or say three years ago, I would tell you a couple of things I intend to buy, like that Polaroid camera sitting in my wish list on an online store or waltz into the beauty store and buy that pigmented eyeshadow that we all know I have no need for. Or maybe I would order that tantalizing dish from the restaurant around the corner that everyone seems to be talking about. Honestly, before I’d known it, I would have probably blown away the bottomless pit of cash that comes with the advantage of a blank cheque.

You probably think I am this wasteful person; someone who has little or no regard for money. Because if I did, at least, I would not be blowing the cash on things that are not worth it.

Before you get hasty with your judgments, permit me to remind you that the above illustration is associated with my younger self.

When I was younger, I hated conversations associated with money! Instead of talking about the money, all I wanted to do was spend it!

Money conversations can be awkward. It can make people go from a 0 to a 100 faster than a shooting star. I have seen what wasteful spending, lack of budgeting, and little or no sense of money prioritization does to people and believe me, it pushes people to the corner where they end up being the worse version of themselves.

Fortunately and unfortunately, most money problems can be addressed during the formative years. Money conversations are necessary. No matter how awkward the discussion might be, it is paramount that we discuss money often.

Money conversations should include how much income is, how much expenses are, and how much savings a person will have at the end of it all.

So, who do you have this money conversation with?

Honestly, the most important individual to discuss your money situation with is yourself. Yes, you need to talk to you about money.

You have the opportunity to fix your money situation but you need to acknowledge the situation.

Today, I hope you have the “money talk” with yourself so you’d know what to do with that blank cheque.

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