How to Help Your Depressed Friend

Certain things come with teenage hood and depression is one of them. It is common for teenagers to occasionally feel unhappy probably due to challenges at home, school results, criticism from peers, etc. However, when this unhappiness persists, it leads to depression and depression is defined as a state of mind that causes unhappiness or low morale which lasts for a long time and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury and suicide.

Noting what depression is about, it can be seen as a destructive emotion which places a person in an imbalanced state of mind. During that period, the person is not him/herself and this can lead to suicidal thoughts.

There are certain symptoms of depression which include moodiness, isolation from friends, loss of sleep or excess sleep,constant distraction,inactivity, feeling of loneliness,etc.

Helping a depressed person requires a lot of patience and persistence and the person trying to help must also be of sound mind so as to be able to react to the situation properly. Below are some things to do to help a depressed friend: 

1. Understand the concept of depression

Before you can help a depressed person, you must first understand what depression is about and this would help you tackle the problem rightly

2. Show love and care

At this time, the person is feeling lonely and down. You can help out by showing concern and love by sending encouraging text messages, checking up regularly to know how things are going, calling and speaking words of encouragement, etc. These things may seem small, but at this time, they mean a lot to the person.

3. Be a good listener and take it one step at a time

Don’t expect the person to just pour out his or her feelings at once, take it slowly, one step at a time and wait till the person is ready to talk. Also be a good listener and do not be harsh or critical in your comments. This is psychological and your words could either hurt or heal.

4. Encourage activity

Encourage the person to take part in various interesting activities to lighten his or her mood and to take their minds off suicidal thoughts. During this period, they tend to isolate themselves from people and this is not good as it leads to further depression. Make them go out, and have fun with other friends. This makes them feel loved and wanted.

5. Pray for him or her

As much as being  depressed is psychological, it is important to invite God to take care of the situation and grant them solace.

6. Refer him or her to people who can help

This is very key, you could refer them to a psychologist who would tackle the problem in a professional way.

In all, remember, your friend may behave strange, that is the depression acting and not your friend. You have to be tolerant and patient.

I hope this post helps. You can also suggest other ways below to help a depressed friend. Don’t also forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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