B.A.E (Priorities)

The word BAE is a very popular word used around today.
BAE which is an acronym for Before Anyone Else.
It is a powerful word which shows priority placed on someone or something.

Priority is being ahead in order of importance according to my definition.

Who/what is BAE to you?
What is topping your priority?
What do you value the most?
What takes your time with or without your approval?
What do you invest your time on?

As a Man/Woman in this present age
What is BAE to you?
What’s your driving force?
Are you focused or easily distracted?
Do you even have something worth putting first.

As a student today,
What’s BAE in your Life?
Is it your Academics or fun?
Is it your boyfriend or girlfriend?
Is it the future you are studying for or the present one you see.

What’s BAE to you?
Some people don’t even know what their priorities are.
They are among the groups of people with the slogan “I can’t come and kill myself”, they take nothing serious in their life.
They live life as it comes
They don’t take anything serious
They can’t pay what it takes to make it in Life.

To be a successful career person, your goals must be BAE.
To become a celebrated student, getting good grades must become BAE to you.
To be the best Husband/Wife, your spouse must be BAE in your life.
To be the winner in Life, reaching the finishing line must be BAE in all your pursuits.
To have truly lived this Life, God must be BAE to you.

Think about it again, what’s BAE to you.
If you don’t stand up got something, you will fall for anything.
If you don’t defend your cause, you will be enslaved by another man’s cause.

Find out what you want in Life and go after it BAE

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