Learn to Stand

Learn to stand before walking.

There is a path in life that everyone is always eager to trod, which is the path of freedom. Everyone, from teenagers to youths to adults, want to experience and maintain independence as quickly as possible.

One thing I have realized is that to successfully trod the path of independence, one must have been strong enough to be a success at standing.

It is the joy of parents when they see their toddler try to sit, stand and walk. But because it is a process which he must pass through, they always ensure that he does each stage well.

Before starting out on a lone journey, are you sure you are strong enough to stand alone. You may feel it’s time to go solo and be a man of your own, but in learning, have you learnt to stand?

Before you start walking, you ought to learn to stand.
Before you start that business idea, you need to learn management skills.
Before you start building, you need to count the cost.
Before you go out there to fight, you need to learn basic defensive skills.
Before you step into that exam hall, you need to learn how be self independent.

Don’t just start your journey the moment your feet touches the earth, learn to familiarize your feet with the sands of time.

This is for all students who keeps finding themselves down the pecking order in their academics, it may not yet be time for you to do things alone. You need to learn to stand with the aid of some willing people before you can walk with your heads up high at times.

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