School Outreach 4- Bakau, The Gambia | PadATeen Project

To celebrate the International Women’s Day 2018, we decided to give a health talk on menstrual cycle to secondary students and also distribute sanitary pads afterwards.




We walked into Glory Baptist High School on the 26th of March 2018. It was our second time in the school, following our first school outreach in The Gambia last year when we talked about Love. The first time, we were focused on the Senior students, both boys and girls, but this time, focused on Grades 7 to 9 and girls only.



It was an amazing time with the students around to hear us talk about what the menstrual cycle is all about. There were 70 Students in total.

Thanks to the amazing Volunteers in The Gambia who made this happen:


Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole
Olayinka Adedolapo
Grace Owo

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