The Creativity Of God

You make me jealous
Of your flawless beauty

The sun which shines
The flowers I can’t take my eyes off
The huge mahogany trees
Littered over the place

The touch of the wind
That caresses my body
And makes me forget my worries

The smell of herbs
The sky I love staring at

The waving leaves
The flowing river

As free as life
The light that comes with dawn
Our shadows revealing

The arrival of the night time
The colourful birds
Green grass

It makes me wonder
The magnificence and creativity of God
So perfect
So distinct
Better than them

We were created
With more creativity and excellence

We were fashioned
To show forth more beauty
Glory and skill

Be fruitful and multiply
He commanded
Replenish the earth
Subdue it

We were instructed
Have dominion

Authority was given to us
More beautiful than nature

We were created
Even in his very own image

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