5 Benefits of Social Media

The use of social media has become a part of our lives, especially teenagers. This is because we are “digital natives” that is, we were born into technology. Hardly will you see a kid that would have to be taught how to use mobile devices. The knowledge of how to use mobile devices is almost like an inbuilt knowledge now; it is as though our brain came with the configuration on how to use technology.

In my field of study as an educational technologist, we believe that technology has to a larger extent affected and has a greater influence on every aspect of the 21st century learner’s life. Therefore, we take advantage of that to improve their education by integrating technology into the learning process. Learning cannot remain as it has been in the past because technology has come to stay.

Social media has grown tremendously in the last few years, especially Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp. Media has a huge impact on teenagers; it influences us greatly because we were born into it. I once read somewhere that teenagers can be referred to as “screenagers” due to their usage of the social media. No doubt this same social media has disadvantages just as it has advantages. Its disadvantages, especially as it affect teenagers, have a greater influence compared to it advantages. This happens because most teenagers accept anything they read and see on social media platforms which could be very dangerous. But our focus in this post is on the benefits of social media.

Let’s get right into it!

1. Skill acquisition

You can acquire skills using the social media. A lot of information is on the internet that you can take advantage of to develop yourself on any skill of your choice. YouTube is like a video instructional based platform where you can watch the process of a thing and acquire firsthand information.

Take a decision to acquire a skill, go on the internet, get information on that skill and you discover that as you get information, you are improving more than someone who has not consulted the internet. I’ve come across people who display wonderful skills but didn’t go to someone to teach them; they rather taught themselves using the internet. The internet is loaded with information, but we ignore. We rather spend our time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp!

You can add value to your life using that same social media. It depends on how you handle it.

2. Networking

Social media has made the world a global connected village. You can meet with people from different works of life using the internet. You can develop and grow yourself being with people who are passionate about what you are interested in. This might not be possible physically but through social media you can build a network with people who have the same ambition as you. Although this has to be done with utmost caution to avoid being trapped into what you do not want.

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3. Creativity

Technology enhances creativity in several ways. Using social media makes you see people do something in different ways which make you also think of doing probably that same thing in another way.

Creativity has to do with critical thinking and this can be influenced when you see someone doing something then you also try to do that thing in another creative manner.

4. Self-expression

The social media makes you express yourself the way you want to. Social media can make you express yourself in ways you might not be able to physically.

5. Educational benefits

The educational benefits of the social media cannot be overemphasized. Social media has a great influence on our education. You can read wide about your career and get adequate information about it. Professionals in different fields have their contributions and research work on the internet which you can go to for information.

The social media is a tool that has gained a large ground in the current world. But it is when you use it properly, you can be developed properly.

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