Be What you Desire in Others

Everyone wants to have a good friend they can rely on, they want a helper they can run to in times of need, they want to have nice friends who can stand up for them any time any day. But the question is, are you a good friend that someone can also rely on? Do you also qualify in those criterias you have listed for your friends?

The problem we have is that everyone wants to have good people around them but not everyone is working towards being a good person.

Why don’t you start from yourself, and watch out for the people that would surround you?

You attract who you are, and like one of my friends says “when you are good, you naturally attract good people”.

Can you be friends with you? Can you desire and ask for friends who have the same behaviour as you do?

No one is perfect and we are all works in progress but the question is, are you deliberate in working on yourself? Are you pruning yourself and developing healthier habits?

Ask yourself.

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