Discipline; a Price For a prize!

I grew up in a home where discipline is critically germane. No matter how late I and my siblings sleep, when mum calls out for morning devotion by 4am, none of us dare stay back, not because we are not sleepy but because we know praying is the right thing to do for us at that time and it is important.

This is discipline, the term “Discipline” means any training intended to develop moral character or produce a particular pattern of behaviour accepted by afferent institutions and society..

Lots of teenagers and young people tend to develop a sense of hatred for discipline because its interpretation to different persons is absolutely distinct.
While some see it as a form of punishment, others believe it’s a deprivation of freedom but these are wrong views, as Discipline is a way of life, it is freedom in itself.

Discipline is knowing what to do, and getting it done without a consideration of self or of any so called factor.

Your comfort zone is on hold, as far as Discipline is concerned.
It is a denial of self and doing the right thing unconditionally.

Practically, What is discipline?

Discipline is waking up in the thick of the night as a student with great goals, picking up your books to read, though your eyes are heavy and of course, pleading for sleep!

Discipline is choosing to filter undignified and destructive thoughts off your mind. Example: Eros and the likes, even when every situation wants you to ponder on them.

Discipline is deciding to seek the face of God in fasting and Solely deciding to starve your hunger urge when everyone is eating.

Discipline is disobeying the dictates of the flesh and gain charge over whatever evil urge and drive

Discipline is choosing to live your life, making a choice to be sacrosanct from the likes of the multitude.

Discipline is punctuality, a management of time.

Discipline is pushing, persevering, a diligent and painstaking preparation for an Unusually great future.

It (Discipline) clarifies your stand, it defines your life.

Sounds cool in theory, right? You would say living a disciplined life is not easy, indeed it isn’t, but it is not an impossible deal.

Disciplined people have lived, they live and are still going to live. Who says you can’t be too? Hey, you can!

Discipline is a price for a prize.

Any truly successful person you ever find around is for sure a product of discipline; their way of life readily tell it.
And equally, most unsuccessful persons in the world today are products of indiscipline; they have this shallow perspective about life, they do not believe in discipline and they end up leading a disorganised life.

It is pure folly for anyone to keep leading an anyhow life and expect great things to come on a silver platter. No! Whatever height you aim to reach really requires discipline on your part. It is excessively requisite!

Connections may get you to the top, but discipline I write will keep you there. Discipline is a life builder, it gets you on your toes, it makes your belt tighten up and energize you for the PRIZE, success, I mean good success.

When Passion dies, when the zeal burns out, discipline is what will get you going all the way. You don’t want to dread discipline, you don’t want to make it an option.

Discipline is the grooming you need for soaring.

It is a price that might come with sweat but it comes with a prize, one that lasts. Good Success!.

As Teenagers, let’s endeavor to embrace discipline. We are going nowhere without it, remember? A price for a prize!

Be cautious about being disciplined in your everyday life. Have more points to share on disciple? Hit the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post. 


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