What Do You Say?

“Oh Tim, I can’t believe you failed again, you do know how much your tutorials costed us, don’t you?!” Tim’s mum yelled with utter perplexity. “Now, boy, listen… I’m not gonna risk enrolling you again for the same exams you’ve been writing and failing for five years, it is more than obvious you won’t do well studying. Now, sit down and think of a trade or vocational skill that interests you. I’m sure that’s where your destiny lies. I’m done with this whole thing!” Tim’s dad cried out as he walked off the sitting room. Immediately, his mum walked off too.

Mrs Thompson had recently advised Tim to try out his luck on other things apart from academics, because yes, he was smart, but nobody would regard a failing smart student. This was his fifth time applying to a university, too bad his results got worst each year. It didn’t matter how many candles he burnt, how many nights he was up, how many times he was in class or how many times he fasted and prayed. None of these counted.

His parents, directly or indirectly, said he was a failure, his teacher said he was a failure, everyone said he was a failure. Truly, to them, he was!
But those were their opinions, Tim never saw himself as a failure. They said he was a failure, he said he wasn’t. He told them he was a success because he never gave up! He never did! Those were his words and those were their words. And whose words matter most? His or theirs? His! Yes!

Some years later, this same Tim whom everyone labeled as a never-do-well in academics became a high ranking professor in the University of Birmingham.

He rose from rags to riches, from insults to good results because he understood that people would always have things to say, but much more important than that, he also understood that what he says matter the most!

So you, what do you say? What do you say when people say you can’t do well? What do you say when situations don’t turn in your favour? What do you say when they say you’re a failure? What do you say when they tell you your dreams are too big and unrealistic? What do you say when you fail exams? What do you say when you’re being compelled to give up?

You see, a mentor of mine do say something. He says:

“People can pass judgements and comments but they don’t build your prison, you do!” Oh yes, you do!

You need to know that everyone is entitled to their opinions, to their views, to their ideas, it is part of their fundamental human rights. The thing is, their opinions shouldn’t ever get to you, if it doesn’t tally with you.

Their voices shouldn’t overshadow yours. Their views shouldn’t overthrow your dreams. Their ideas shouldn’t displace your passion. In your own life, nobody matters as much as you do.

You have a voice and your voice must be louder.

What do they say? And what do you say? The greatest bad you can do yourself in life is allowing what people say deter you from achieving your dreams.

When you keep failing in life, people will try to talk you out of your original dreams. But hey, you’ve to tell them that “there are better days ahead and your best is yet to come”

Keep treading, man!

What they say is theirs, what you say is yours!

Say life, say success, say greatness.

I wish you the very best

See you at the top!

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