When Does Gisting Become Gossiping?

Gossip is a casual constraint conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true.

A Gist is a real point of an action and it’s also a conversation that has meaning and gain.

How do we actually gossip?

People gossip by passing and spreading information from one person to another till it goes viral.

Why do people gossip?

The aims and objectives of the people gossiping at times are to hurt other people which they envy.

The gossip game

Some of us have played the gossip game where you whisper a phrase or saying to the person next to you. Then, that person whispers what they heard to the next person, and the pattern is repeated as the “supposed” message makes its way around. The fun part is when you compare the original saying with the message that was actually heard by the last person.

The discrepancies are both humorous and alarming especially when you think about messages that might really matter.

Whenever you’re involved in gossip game or chit-chat with friends, we all need to filter through these three things:

  • Truthfulness
  • Good
  • Helpful

If the gist is not true or good or helpful, stay away from it.

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