Five Lessons 2018 Taught Me

2018 was a big-time teacher for me. I wasn’t really prepared. No resolution, no written plans and I was almost losing the new year vibe. But then, I discovered that it’s never too late until I think it’s too late. I picked myself up and made the best of opportunities.

I learnt lessons, they abound. Here are the five lessons I could come up with:

1. Innovation

One of the key things I learnt this year is innovation; the ability to come up with new things. Things that had never been really heard. And one thing I got about innovation this year is that, initially, it barely makes sense but that’s cool. Great things don’t make sense at the start but eventually, great things make not only sense but also leave indelible marks on the sands of time.

2. Diligence

It doesn’t matter how many things you do, once diligence is not in the picture, the prize will be missed. This was one of the lessons I learnt this year. I stopped doing things carefreely. I deduced that what distinguishes the successful from the unsuccessful is diligence. 

Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. Proverbs 22:29

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3. Self-worth

People say we get more conscious of ourselves as we age and they might be right. This year, I realized that I am me, that I am unique and wonderful, that I am original and never fake, that I have a worth and deserve a reciprocated respect from people. In 2018, I didn’t run after who/what didn’t want to stay. I didn’t allow myself to be debased by anyone or anything, neither do I keep working out what didn’t want to work out. I have my worth; 2018 taught me not to lose my worth for anything in the world. 

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4. Love

This year, I got more sensitized about love. Primarily, God’s love, he loves us so much that he would give up his everything for us, regardless of how dirty and sinful we are. 2018 taught me that people are people, irrespective of who they are. And that loving them is the best gift I can offer them. I stopped criticizing people unnecessarily, I stopped looking down on people. Yes, I used to. I stopped trying to make people be who I want them to be to me, rather, I loved them for who they surely are. This has been so peaceful that I now have more people to call my friends

5. Spiritual maturity

I’ve always been a believer but then, I wasn’t really growing like I thought I was. This year, I got tons of clearer visions, I enjoyed an uninterrupted communion with God, I got my insights of God’s word sharpened and my senses got more enhanced to the realities of the spirit. That was a significant growth and I have God and 2018 to thank for that.

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The ride’s been great and fun! 2018 was my legal year, Lol, so I embarked on another verge. I can’t trade the lessons and memories I’ve made here for anything in the world.

There are lessons we need to learn outside the classroom. The lessons life teaches and hey, what life teaches you is what remains with you throughout your life.

Hello, 2019!

See you at the top.

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What major lessons did 2018 teach you? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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