Master, Can I Come?

The line between two ambitious men.

When the rich young entrepreneur asked the Master if he could join him, he never knew that he had to forsake all he had to gain it all.

When Bro Peter told the Master to beckon him to come, he never knew the wave would astound him beyond his expectation.

Until he heard the only one thing left for him to do, he never knew there was more to the gospel.

Until Mr Peter started to sink, he never knew that the Christian journey wasn’t always smooth.

Mr Peter had the courage to request being with the Master, so did the young entrepreneur. Mr Peter had the courage to walk up to Jesus, so did the young entrepreneur.

But one thing differentiated them when they both came to face with their tests.

Mr Peter was quick to admit he needed help and asked for it, but the young entrepreneur could not.

Mr Peter received the help to continue with the Master on the journey.
The young entrepreneur went away sad and didn’t even start the journey.

You may think you have all it takes to be with Jesus
You may think you have all you need to go with Jesus.
You may believe that you have it all figured out before coming to Jesus.

But with Jesus Christ, everything you have can be kept aside; they are nothing when Jesus comes into the picture.

One thing was needed and is still needed today from every man.

That one thing is for you to deal with your pride and ask the Master to help you.

Only the help of Jesus Christ can assure you a safe trip in your life, career, academics, marriage, e.t.c.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Jesus is always patiently waiting for you.

Peter’s Story: Matthew 14:22-33

The Rich Entrepreneur: Luke 18:22

Who do you choose today? Jesus or Self?

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