5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss TMW 2.0

We had the first edition of Teens Meet to Worship in 2017. It was held in 4 locations across Nigeria and The Gambia. This time, we are excited to announce the second edition which will be held on the 5th of October 2019 in two locations with the theme “The Potter”.

Continue reading to find out details about the program and why you should not miss it.

1. It is Life Transforming

It is a time where teenagers come together to connect with God more on a deeper level. Worship reveals more of God to you and you can never know God too well, which is why you should start now while you are still very young, maintaining that level of relationship with God on a deeper level. The bible talks about how Iron Sharpens Iron and this is one of the reasons why you should not miss this year’s Teens Meet to Worship.

You get to see other teenagers like you, loving God and craving to want to feel God’s presence occupy them like you desire to. 

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2. It Creates an Avenue for you to Ask Questions

As teens, you should know by now that asking Big questions causes raised brows among your peers, which is why coming for TMW solves a little percentage of those questions bugging your head. You can come along, not just ready to hear the word or worship God, you can come in full preparations to the second edition of TMW with your questions wrapped up in your sleeves and go back home with winning answers. 

3. It Serves as a Milestone for the Life Ahead

Some of you are on your way to the university, you know to start that journey, having sisters and brothers who are in your age range to fellowship with, to connect with and what better way to go through life than having someone by your side who perfectly understands what it is that you are dealing with at that point in time. Having a good foundation depicts how well the house will turn out to be.

It is not about starting the journey alone; it is about the tiny little steps that you make together with people of championship minds that matters. 

4. It Gives You a Break From all the Buzz of Life

One of the key things that Jesus did in the bible that distinguished Him of those who had gone before Him is that Jesus displayed the act of Separation, He separated Himself from the Buzz of life, of people constantly needing Him, He often separated time for Himself to get connected with God. This is a time to hear God and to reconnect with Him if you have missed your way somehow along the line. 

5. Worship is the Doorstep to God’s Heart

In the Bible you have must of seen how God had said several times that David was the man after His own heart. You must have heard it in Sunday School or directly from your pastor.

The secret to this big title was because David knew exactly how to worship God. Worship can cause God to stand up from His throne and cause Him to come down from on High.

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Worship changes you, it lightens your heart and gives you nothing more but to desire a relationship with God, to want to fellowship with Him more.

Worship also reveals who God is to you. Worship strengthens you as a believer because the presence of God is already there. Worship opens doors, worship do the things that cannot be done in the natural light. Worship is significant, important and it is very crucial to every believer to develop the attitude of worship.

TMW is the best place to experience this. Just me, it is going to be something that you have never seen before. 

Lagos, Nigeria

Teens Meet to Worship 2.0, Nigeria
Teens Meet to Worship 2.0, Lagos Nigeria

Venue: 5, Adedeji Street, Charity Bus Stop, Oshodi. Lagos State.
Date: Saturday, 5th October, 2019
Time: 12 noon
Contact: 08162185018

The Gambia

Venue: Gambia Pastoral Institute (GPI), Kairaba Avenue, The Gambia
Date: Saturday, 5th October, 2019
Time: 12 noon
Contact: 9927817

Will you be there?


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