Big Picture Thinking

If dreams could be captured, I would move as far as the horizon and shoot great shots.

In a world of people with different sights and numerous minds, visions come in different sizes.

Everyone dares to dream but only the big thinkers dare to do more than just dream. Bring your dreams into fruition. Dream big into reality!

Statistics show that 60% talk about a change and only 20% want a change. 10% know how to get a change but only 5% get the change. How pathetic!

To dream big, first think big.

The strength of your dreams are in your thoughts, kill the myopic vision and gain a sharper lens.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

A picture has to do with a mental thought. The same way you process the physical features, the rule applies to your thoughts.

Our dreams are forgotten because we have chose to see just within the circle .

Here are a few charges;

1. Live your dreams

Create life out of your dreams and birth it. If nothing is impossible, then you just have no worries.

2. Be bold

It takes more than just sight to keep a big picture. Be feisty enough to go after your dreams.

3. Aim for the apex

As you dream, so do many others. The difference is reality; you are your own competitor, strive to be the best you can ever be.

4. Believe in your ideas

No matter how crazy it might seem to others, bear in mind your Atlantis is just around the corner..

5. Never leave your back on the ground

You will fall so many times, you might even lose count but never stay down. Get back up with an intense fire.

Everywhere, someone somewhere has a dream that is too narrow to even make it through his/her own mind let alone to the world. Let the picture you see be too big to be contained in you.

The weight of your dream is not about your age, circumstances or family, amongst others. It is about how far you can see.

For that career, academic qualification or skill, see the big picture with yourself in it.

Start by seeing yourself in the picture, believe it, then work towards it

See beyond, there’s more to your dreams!

I hope you got something from this. Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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