School Outreach 12- Ondo, Nigeria | BackToSchool Project

The Back To School Project was held in Ondo on the 4th of October 2019 at C.A.C Amuye High School. Owo, Ondo State. Nigeria.

We arrived at the school and met with the Vice Principal who led us to the class of the junior secondary school 1 students A and B. 

Both arms were combined and we talked about what Teens Meet Online is all about, what we do at TMO.  60 students between the age range of 13 – 15 were all willing to join TMO offline activities.

Students were encouraged on how to build a good foundation to a successful career in life. They were also encouraged to think above their horizon and environment, find a mentor and follow such person. 

The students were also taught to respect and honour their parents, love them and pray for them. 

Above all, the students were told about God, and why they need a relationship with God.

Number of students reached to: 149
Number of those willing to join: 59

TMO Volunteers: Olayemi Adeola and Folarin Adeola

We are always looking for support in cash or kind and you can be a great blessing to us. Simply send a mail to if you will like to support us or fill our contact form here. You can also be one of our volunteers in any location by following the instructions here.


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