If Trees Could Speak

They would have endless secrets to spill
They’d speak of the lies lovers exchanged every hour in the day under their protection
They’d speak of the resulted tears and broken hearts

They’d speak of:
Words of affirmation from person to person
Joy from achievements
Resignation from despondence
And Relief from the attainment of dreams.

Of the silent comfort and the reassuring air they had to offer to lonely souls
The cover they had to provide to crumbling bodies

And talk about how they weathered storms
More storms than other creatures

Day after day
Night after night

About how they have had to withstand untold aggression.

How they have won and lost the endless battles with erosion, fires and lumberjacks.

And they’d say how they just wanted to protect the vulnerable while keeping their identities.

If tress could speak, what do you think they would say?


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