More Tips On Taming the Tongue

Remember the times when mum cooked delicious food, and you sat around the table to have a whole of it, not even a bit? And as you were happily devouring the delicious meal, your teeth slipped and you ended up hurting your tongue. Remember how painful it was, how you opened your mouth and waited for a while before the tears came pouring from your eyes? You closed it back and for some time you could neither eat nor talk. It’s real, right?

You can’t talk for a period of time, it was like your tongue was tamed to be silent at that point but after a few minutes, you continued your food in quietness. It was an experience we all had. I hope I’ve brought something back to your memory.

Well, that’s not taming of tongue.

Taming of the tongue means making the tongue harmless, making it free of hurt.

We all got this muscular organ in our possession and we felt Oh, yes! I’ve got to say anything I want to say, I’m free. Oh, yes you are free to say anything you like but let me put this to you, there is life and death in the tongue and what we speak out matters much.

When you choose to speak life, which means good and edifying words, then it produces a fruit which you will have the whole of it to yourself, not even a bit. And if you speak death, which is abusing, cursing, insulting, backbiting, proud talks and so on, you will cause damage to your life and also to the lives of others too.

The bible says no man can tame the tongue, but we can control or keep it under control, by keeping it from speaking negative words to our lives and also the lives of others.

A man of wisdom will know how to use his tongue to call forth peace and blessings into his life, while the foolish ones will choose to say anything they like without thinking about the consequences.

Let me end by telling us this story.

A young man went to a man for help. He wanted his life to change, so the man told him to start calling forth what he wanted. The young man couldn’t believe him but when he started calling forth what he wanted and he was seeing it happen, he couldn’t stand what he was seeing until he said “mad ooo” and that was how he ran mad. Can you see?!

With the same mouth he was using to call forth good things and it was happening, he called madness into his life. That was how he ran mad and that was the end of his own story.

Keep your tongue under control. If you want to live a life free from evil and sadness, let the words of your mouth be blessings to yourself and others too. Be positive-minded and you will see it work.

I choose life over death!!!


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