More Tips On Taming the Tongue

A man of wisdom will know how to use his tongue to call forth peace and blessings into his life, while the foolish ones will choose to say anything they like without thinking about the consequences.

Keep your tongue under control. If you want to live a life free from evil and sadness, let the words of your mouth be blessings to yourself and others too. Be positive-minded and you will see it work. … More More Tips On Taming the Tongue

How to Tame Your Tongue

The funny thing is that when it’s time to reap, we blame the devil, completely ignorant of the fact that it is simply us facing the consequences of what we had spoken into reality. Whether you know it or not, words are very powerful, that is why it’s important for us to be fully aware of the words we are composing in our minds before ever they are uttered. … More How to Tame Your Tongue