Importance of Effective Communication

Communication is the act of passing information from one person or group to another. Traditionally, every complete communication involves a sender, a message and a recipient.

It is an essential process and it comprises of 7 vitals: source, message, channels, receiver, feedback, context and interference.

The efficacy of communication is solely dependent on both the sender and receiver emotions, the cultural beliefs of both persons, the medium used to communicate and even the location.

To serve as an illustration, a teenager trying to have a heated conversation with his/her parent can not make a headway, they will never be able to understand each other. In this context, as a sign of honour the teenager is expected to listen, in actual sense it’s a form of communication(non verbal), at a better expected time, you can let out your grievances.

Forms of Communication

Every living being communicate everyday in every space you find yourself including; the workplace, religious gatherings, formal and informal gathering, and relationships most importantly. But, there are basically 4 forms by which you pass messages across, they are;

1. Verbal

This is a mode by which you make dialogue with words, it takes an effective communication to pull this through.

2. Non-verbal (gesticulation)

This is the use of body language, it should be duly noted to pass a message without the wrong signs, gesticulations that do not resonate with your verbal form of communication could ruin the real intentions.

3. Written

Currently, we are communicating, I am sharing my thoughts with you. Interesting enough you aren’t replying me verbally, except with a few sighs or ‘hmmm’ and in the end, you will leave a comment after a long read. Texting with social media apps, emails, or letters are great examples.

4. Visual

The use of the facial parts also go a long way, mouthing words or employing expressions ring a bell. A perfect scenario is the African setting, are you nodding? Lol, I can relate too, those moments our parents say thousands of words with their eyes.

How Do I Communicate?

Communication is a systematical process to achieve a goal. It can be said to be a process of translating a thought into simple and meaningful utterances through a right channel or medium.

George Bernard Shaw said “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.

Some people just talk in actual sense, they make a few back and forth conversation. If both parties are not on the same page after communicating, then you haven’t achieved a goal.

On the other hand, we must have it noted that we are all different in the way we perceive the world, a 6 to me could turn out to be a 9 on your side. This should guide our understanding on how to communicate with others, hence an effective communication.

Communication has to be effective so as to achieve a goal. It is not everytime you get to say something, listening at times go a long way. If you can’t say something better than silence, stay silent, it’s golden.

Show empathy, respect is reciprocal, develop a mentality that whether young, old, famous, infamous, poor, rich, or whatever status anyone could be, you won’t have to start placing your words on a scale.

Talk, listen, do not refute opinions, use a civil tone, do not use negative words, ask open minded questions, do not react defensively, act less dominant, keep your emotions in check, and have a heart- to- heart conversation.

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Importance of Effective Communication

Communication is a life skill, it is a compulsory course. Failure at it will leave you with carry-overs. You keep repeating over and over again.

If a goal is not achieved, you keep at it. Just take a look at how our parents keep at us, or how an employer gives you queries or how relationships are left wide apart with a huge margin.

In a 2016 survey by Linkedln, communication stands out at the top of the list, it is the most sought after among employers.

How great are its immeasureable values?

Here are a few reasons you should communicate effectively:

1. Healthy relationships

Strong inter personal, professional and emotional relationships will stand true if intentions are clearly understood, it ejects hard feelings.

2. Aids Leadership skills

To be a great leader, you should be able to communicate without being miscontrued. A good example is the political system, a concise manifesto pulls more votes.

3. Productivity

In a work space, more jobs will get done with effective communication when the back and forth routine is ejected once everyone understands their roles. It can help you rise to the top of your career, or make you a highly sorted professional in your niche, the perfect job candidate, top entrepreneur and build your network.

4. Confidence

Your approach towards situations will take a paradigm shift; a high self esteem is built, increased knowledge to help buid a larger network.

5. Positive contributions

In every situation you find yourself, you give a positive impression, people get to build trust in you, because they know you can handle it without getting off track.

6. Boosts your image

You are seen for who you are.Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. It is believed that whatever lies in you is what you spill. Speaking effectively is a great refining skill for your self image.


Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.


Most times, a part you have to play in a communication is listening, on the other hand, speak up where necessary.

Let every communication be well encoded, passed through the right channel, be well received and lastly, perfectly decoded and understood by the recipient.

Has effective communication or the lack of it ever affected your relationship with other people?


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